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MSP Marketing FAQs

How should you market your MSP?

From Digital Marketing Specialists, here are some simple steps for marketing your MSP.

What is the best way to market an MSP?

Getting your name out there and having your brand recognised is one of the most important things you can do to generate new customers.

The Top 7 methods for marketing your MSP are:

  1. Digital Marketing with a website
  2. Referrals from Customers and Partners
  3. Grow the size of your existing accounts, offer them more services
  4. Join Social Media Networks and build your brand awareness
  5. Join in-person networking groups like BNI
  6. Write compelling Media Releases that are topical
  7. Get certified in your chosen technology partner
How much should I spend marketing my MSP?

As a general rule of thumb, you should spend anywhere from 3-5% of your gross revenue on marketing your business. This figure is based on the total amount your business brings in before costs have been deducted.

How should I design or architect my MSPs’ website?

Building your website is critical for attracting and converting customers. You should focus on what problem the customer is trying to solve with your services. You need to understand what jobs are your visitors trying to solve, what pains they have and what gains do they get from getting these jobs done. Then you should look at your product offerings, and figure out your services, solution and to which customer verticles you are targeting.

Your website should have the following structure:

  1. Homepage
  2. Services pages
  3. Solutions pages
  4. Pricing enquiry page
  5. Company/about page
  6. Contact page
  7. Blog/news pages
What is the best Managed Service Provider (MSP) website template?

Each MSP is different, and you should focus on understanding what your offering is before you build a website. To get started, you should take a look at the leading MSPs that sell similar services to you. Take a look at providers in major cities around the world, including: Sydney, London, Auckland, New York. Find out what makes them unique, find out what they use on their website, what features, colours look and feel you liked. Once you have this, pop over to Themeforest and search for a theme you like; there is plenty of prebuilt themes for technology providers like you.

Should I hire an SEO Company or Agency for my MSP?

Yes, you should hire an SEO specialist for your MSP. SEO is just like the services you provide – you deserve the best. SEO marketing is a specialty like any other role, and it takes years of experience to become an expert in this field. SEO Agencies have many people who can support your campaigns, and often have the latest training. Whereas in-house specialists may not be as up with the latest trends, but they are focused on your end goal and can deliver better results.

Should I hire an AdWords or Google Ads Agency?
Yes, just like any other speciality: Google Ads requires a lot of skill and knowledge which is built up over years of experience. You should engage a Google Ads agency or Specialist who understands technology service providers.
How much should I spend on AdWords or Google Ads per month?
Your Google Ads spend should depend on your overall marketing budget. Your business should spend anywhere from 3-5% of your gross profit on marketing, and we recommend you spend at least 10% of your marketing budget to Google Ads alone.
What is the fastest way to get customers for my MSP?

Customers spend most of their time researching online. There are many networks which will help you get online quickly and noticed. Not all strategies are online, but the easiest way to get noticed is via a Google Search.

  1. Build a website
  2. Start Google Ads
  3. Sign up for a Google Local Listing
  4. Join a local networking group like BNI
  5. List your business on the yellow pages online directory
  6. Join the MSP channel on Reddit and network
  7. Answer questions for businesses in your area on Quora
What is an MSP?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are companies that remotely service IT infrastructure and end-user systems.

How do MSPs make money?

MSPs are IT Services companies that charge customers for remote IT and end-user support. Revenue is typically earnt monthly known as Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or prepaid. MSPs typically charge on a per-user or per-device basis.

How much should I pay for an MSP Marketing Specialist?

Going rates for quality digital marketing consultants on an ad-hoc basis, range from US $55/hour to US $220/hour. We recommend that you arrange for a monthly retainer contract. This will give you access to a dedicated specialist and you’ll get more value on an ongoing basis. Often retainers can decrease the hourly rate from US $40 – $100/hour. Many Monthly packages start at US $600 to US $3,500.

How do I find a marketing agency for my MSP?

You should look for a local digital marketing agency with experience in services. A google search for “IT Marketing agencies near me” is a good start. Another good place is on the r/msp channel on Reddit, the community over there will be able to help.