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Value Proposition Design

Sell more, increase sales & margins

Getting more value from your customers is key

More sales fixes everything and it’s the heart of your business, but do you understand why your customers buy your product? Are you selling the features, or are you selling the solution?

Getting more value from your customers is key, but most of the time, its a lot of guesswork – unless you know the right questions to ask.

It’s our goal to get you closer with your customers, increase the number of sales and your profits. We do this through a well-defined process that gets you closer to your customer.


Who is your customer?

Your first step is to understand where you are today and what makes you special.

Get a view of your customer: what they need, what you deliver, and whether you are actually giving them what they want.

Through workshops and active engagement, we work with you to build a view of your customer. We will look at what you provide, breaking it down into products, services, pain relievers, and gain creators.



During the discovery phase, we will work with you to uncover your needs, challenges, and desired results – which you’ll use to create a well-formed value proposition.


What makes you unique

Let’s find out your point of difference that will take your business to the next level. Understand how your businesses value maps back to what the customer actually needs.


Get in your customers shoes

What the customer asks for and what they really need is an art form. We identify your customers: who they are, what products and services they use, and what they really need.


Get to know your customers better: ask the right questions.

Uncover what you don’t know – let’s find out why your customers really buy from you, test and design value propositions so you can build a true understanding of what customers need.

Through a series of in-person interviews, we will conduct market research into what your customers need and test new value propositions to see how they react.

This process will drive and shape the direction of your business. Often, we uncover new products and services you would never have thought of, or markets that can take your business to the next level.

Test, test and test

Great value propositions always change, they are always evolving with the demands of your customers.


Put yourself in the shoes of the customers; observe and understand them. Understand their pains and gains so we can we can design a great value proposition together.


Find out if your customers really love what you have to offer. Our goal is to find out if your products and services meet what customers need (not just what they say they want).


Start exploring alternative value propositions once your understanding of customers improves. We will test and iterate your ideas quickly, rather than write a lengthy and detailed business plan for new and untested ideas.


Our success is your success – let’s develop a roadmap for success together.

We believe your business vision is essential to its success. We work with you and not for you, focusing on what’s most important to achieve that vision. You need to start by upgrading the way you think about marketing: your content, campaign or service.

We’re a marketing consultancy firm that can help you with bespoke branding or digital marketing needs – no matter what aspect of your business.

Brand management

First impressions last, and it is our goal to ensure your business looks amazing.

Website strategy

Grow your online presence the smart way.

Grow your online presence the smart way.

Create content that your customers love, like ebooks, blogs, articles, brochures, and more.

SEO strategy

Discover your niche and attract more visitors to your website.

Did you know?

Your potential customers spend 57% of their time researching and judging you online before they even engage your sales team.

Customers are already 57% oof the way down the purchase  path before they consider engaging with you.


Can we drive growth in your business?

We work with you to attract quality leads so you can focus on what you do best – providing better service to your customers. We strive to make your business easy to understand while converting more of your visitors to leads.