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Make Your Brand More Than A Moment… Make It A Movement

Your brand is what sets your business apart and makes it recognisable in a crowded IT market. It’s the synthesis of your employee value proposition and your customer value proposition, the story told through your brand logo, and the standards set by your brand guidelines. At LeftLeads, we specialise in transforming IT companies into iconic brands through comprehensive brand building, activation, and management strategies.

Go From Invisible to Invincible


Stand out in the crowded IT market


Differentiate your offerings and attract top talent


Build trust that turns customers into advocates


Boost your credibility and industry standing


Drive sales and command premium pricing

Are You Here for A Good Time, A Long Time, Or Both?

Many B2B companies prioritise immediate sales and lead generation, overlooking the vast majority of potential buyers not currently seeking their services. Remember, only a small fraction of your audience is ready to buy at any moment. What about the rest? Those not in the market today are tomorrow’s opportunities, essential for sustaining your future sales pipeline.
Developing a clear, standout brand and elevating its presence becomes critical in engaging with this broader audience. By doing so, your business becomes a top contender, staying relevant and top-of-mind until they’re ready to engage.

Get a Funnel that Keeps on Giving…

All too often, the strategy for building a brand’s presence is shuffled into the ‘would-like-to-eventually-get-to’ pile. Yet, evidence points to a compelling truth: in the vast majority of transactions, the brands that clinch the deal are those already prominent in the buyer’s mind at the journey’s outset. This insight emphasises the power of B2B branding to not just make waves but to ensure your company remains in the spotlight throughout the decision-making process.

What We Do…

Brand Building & Activation

Elevate your IT brand with strategies that encompass everything from your unique brand logo and visual identity to robust brand activation campaigns, ensuring your brand stands out both internally and externally.

Employee & Customer Value Proposition

Articulate compelling value propositions that resonate with both your team and your target customers, making your company a magnet for top talent and a trusted partner for clients.

Brand Architecture & Portfolio Analysis

Design a scalable brand architecture and conduct thorough brand portfolio analysis to ensure your offerings meet the evolving needs of the market, reinforcing your position as a leader in the IT industry.

Brand Guidelines & Visual Identity

Establish clear brand guidelines and a striking visual identity that reflects your unique brand, enhancing recognition and loyalty among your target markets.

Brand Story & Audit

Craft a compelling brand story that encapsulates your mission statements and company culture, and regularly perform brand audits to ensure your brand remains relevant and powerful over the long term.

Market Strategy, Target Markets & Customers

Develop and execute a nuanced market strategy that clearly identifies your target markets and customers, ensuring your brand offers are precisely aligned with market demands.

Brand Positioning & Competitive Advantage

Sharpen your brand positioning to highlight your competitive advantages, showcasing the unique aspects of your brand that make it the preferred choice among target customers.

Strong Brands & Increased Brand Presence

Work towards building a strong brand that commands increased brand presence and stands firm, positively impacting your bottom line and ensuring your brand’s standing in the competitive landscape.

Design Elements & Marketing Campaigns

Utilise distinctive design elements in your marketing campaigns to captivate and engage, turning potential customers into loyal advocates for your brand.

Take Your Brand From Now to WOW!

In the IT sector, your brand is more than just a part of your business—it’s the beginning of your success. From the foundational brand architecture to the pinnacle of brand activation, and from the creation of your employee value proposition to the celebration of your unique brand story, LeftLeads is here to guide your journey to brand excellence.

By prioritising both the internal and external facets of your brand, focusing on long-term growth, and leveraging the unique aspects of your brand, we help IT companies not just succeed, but dominate.

Transform your IT brand into a powerhouse that drives growth, engages customers, and enhances your bottom line. Get in touch today, and let’s build a future where your brand leads the way in innovation and excellence.


Can we drive growth in your business?

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