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Why a specialised IT digital marketing agency is better for your MSP

Why A Specialised IT Digital Marketing Agency Is Better For Your MSP

Why is a specialised IT digital marketing agency is better for your MSP?

Outsourced services are becoming more popular for many companies. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in particular are seeing an increased demand for their IT solutions and services. With initiatives such as cybersecurity, cloud migrations, and remote working driving this growth, it’s a great time to be a managed service provider.

But the MSP space is crowded with businesses offering similar services as yours, and you can’t afford to hope potential clients will find you amongst the competition. To stand out and succeed in reaching your target audience, you need to develop a marketing strategy that highlights what makes your MSP unique.

MSPs can find it hard to maintain a balance between focusing on everyday tasks as well as maintaining a strong, online presence to reach potential leads and generate new business. You might be too busy running your business to really focus on digital marketing. But not investing in the online space can be devastating to your MSP. One option is to outsource to a digital marketing agency.

A quick online search for digital marketing agency + your city and hello! A long list of agencies promoting online conversions, brand promotion, email marketing, SEO…where do you start with working out which one is best for your MSP business? How do you stand out from the increasingly crowded managed services provider space?

The answer is simple – choose a specialist IT digital marketing agency, one that actually understands the IT industry and knows how to define your unique selling points to your target audience. Why is an IT marketing agency better for your MSP? Let’s explore the reasons…

Language matters

Each industry has its own specific technical vocabulary and terminology, and to non-technical people this can be really confusing. A digital marketing agency that specialises in IT is already across the language, meaning they can translate it for those aren’t as tech savvy.

Movers and shakers

A lot of agencies keep an eye on what’s happening in their sector, whether it’s a new software release, the latest statistics on cyberattacks, or the latest technology trends. What’s happening in the digital world can affect their clients and that’s important to know about, because let’s face it, any opportunity to make your business look good should be maximised.

Know your competition

An agency who knows the IT space will already be well informed about your competitors and can create opportunities to showcase your unique selling points, creating trust and visibility that gives you an added edge. Agencies who know the market know what’s been done, what works well, and what you’re up against.

Time efficiency

IT digital marketing specialists don’t need you to hold their hand – they already know your industry and can quickly build and launch campaigns to get your MSP in front of your target audience. Their insight and expertise ensures you don’t have to worry about anything being missed, and you can focus on running your business.

Know the people

At the heart of any successful marketing campaign is an understanding of the people who will  benefit from partnering with your business. Agencies that live and breathe IT marketing know the objective of your potential clients, and plan marketing strategies and campaigns around it. They can communicate what sets you apart from your competition to potential customers.


In the same way clients turn to your MSP to provide strategies or technical support for their specific problems, specialist IT marketing agencies can offer diverse ideas and fresh perspective, which is valuable insight that can lead to creating new opportunities for you. The goal is to build a strong online presence and convert potential leads into clients. Experience in the technology space means your marketing agency can do just that, by creating customised campaigns and content specifically for your target customers.

Optimised content

This is where digital marketing specialists shine! Experience in marketing and sales, coupled with optimised content, is a perfect match to reach more of your target market. A well-planned content strategy leads to more engaging online content, with the end result your website is ranked on Google, which currently currently holds 92.27% of the total search engine market share. What does that mean for your reach? More potential leads and helps to cement your business as a market leader, keeping your target audience coming back for more.

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