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The Top 10 IT trade publications Aussie IT Companies should read in 2024

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Information technology (IT) is a widely varied field that you – somehow! – need to stay on top of and up-to-date with. It’s what your customers expect when they come to you – that they can give you the general gist of what they need, and you’ll be able to fill in the gaps with your knowledge, skills, and expertise.

But you’re already flat-out busy running a business; you don’t have time to hunt around for the latest news. You want it at the press of a key. Well, we’re here to help: we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Australian IT digital publications that will keep you on top of all things IT so you can get the information you need exactly when you need it.

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1. IT News

IT News covers information technology reports, reveals, announcements, podcasts, and more from all over the world, for an Australian audience. They report on all industries and tech updates to cover your every IT interest – business, cloud, industrial, hardware, software, strategy, and many others. Government news takes a top coverage as use of IT hardware and software reveals many benefits and disadvantages of tech you may be unaware of before testing it – like mySA Government accounts breached, or Services Australia’s use of controversial surveillance firm Cellebrite.

Check out IT News and subscribe for live updates on the tech news you want to hear about as soon as it breaks.

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2. Computerworld Australia

Computerworld is one of the leading sources of tech news, analysis, and tools, for IT professionals and amateurs alike. Focusing its content to businesses and managers, it aims to be your voice and one-stop-shop for business technology news and advice, and help you use the internet and device applications to enhance your business.

Computerworld also offers advice to business owners and managers so you can revolutionise your customer-employee experience.

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3. ITUpdate

ITUpdate has you covered when it comes to IT events, webinars, and product information. With a full database of vendors, they have publication listings of IT whitepapers to download in PDF to give you insights to stay in the loop and up-to-date with all the latest IT news.

You don’t have to subscribe to ITUpdate to use their database either; it’s free-to-use with no strings attached to join. Find valuable webinars or download a guide to the latest Microsoft 365 updates – they’ve got you covered to update your learning and keep you informed.

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4. Tech News

Tech Business News is an online goldmine of information about technology and hi-tech products. All its articles and blogs are aimed at helping Australian readers understand what is happening overseas and in their own backyard amidst the world of IT.

From local and world news, to gadgets and stock exchange, Tech News has up-to-date information on whatever you’re looking for – and also allows you to post on its site. It helps its readers connect with each other around the world and gain more news and information through connecting and sharing similar interests.

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5. Techday

Techday is a digital publisher across the technology sector for Australia and New Zealand. They publish a wide range of news stories, reader and customer contributions, and sponsored stories to help you better understand and navigate the world of IT.

Every day their site contains new top stories ranging from topics like digital transformation, to similarweb, to product news like Apple or Google cloud.

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6. Gizmodo Australia

Gizmodo shines a spotlight on “geek culture” – from the latest gadget, car, science, and gaming technology, as well as consumer reviews and news. Gizmodo offers its subscribers competitions and deals as well as the latest technological news in its email newsletters.

IT isn’t just for business managers and work operations – the possibilities for AI, VR, smart gadgets and much more are endless. Find out more on Gizmodo

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7. Craving Tech

An Australian tech blog, Craving Tech reviews the latest gadgets in the industry from the consumer’s perspective, from gaming peripherals to household products. They’ve covered many major events in real-time, from the first Sydney Microsoft Office launch in 2010, to the Huawei P30 launch in Paris.

Whether you’re after hardware info, gadget articles, or articles showcasing free licenses, Craving Tech will keep you involved and informed.

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8. Reckoner

Reckoner is an independent technology blog that focuses on modern life with tech in Australia. Their aim is to remain transparent and honour the trust they’ve built with their readership. While the article writers focus primarily on Aussie tech news and updates, they do cover the global industry to ensure you’re not missing out.

Reckoner runs regular competitions with no sign-up strings attached. Check out their latest reviews, news, and updates to stay connected in the IT world.

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9. ZDNet Australia

ZDNet closes the gap between local and global tech and IT news, delivering 24/7 coverage and analysis on trends and opportunities that matter to IT professionals and enthusiasts. Whether you want to follow hot topics, or just keep up-to-date with all the latest events, ZDNet aims to be the destination for anyone who wants to solve business technology problems and have fun while doing it.

Sign up to their newsletter for IT insights and info that can help you get a more competitive edge in your business field.

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10. TechAU

TechAU covers everything digital and technological – from gaming, hardware, and software, to gadgets, social networks, and accessories. They cover products and services from a wide range of companies across the world, aimed at Aussie audiences.

TechAU encourages reader interaction with their news and articles; if you have a tip or breaking story, they want to hear about it.

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