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Social media content and conversions: does it work?

Like it or not, social media has become a fundamental aspect of our everyday lives, connecting our private and business lives. The capability of social media is immense, with 4.62 billion social media users today. And it is something that your MSP can’t ignore as a tool to create conversions as part of any successful digital marketing strategy

Social media provides businesses with a way to communicate with their current and potential customers. In fact, the entire purpose of social media posts is to create conversions, which for your organisation means providing content that encourages your target audience to become your customer. 

Let’s take a look at how social media content works to create conversions. 

Why social media content?

The significance of social media is on the rise for a variety of motives. It shows the most accurate representation of your business profile to potential clients; it is a great tool to attract people who are keen to get your services, and it facilitates the growth of customer loyalty to your MSP. Moreover, Google has incorporated social media indicators into its algorithm that determines search engine optimisation rankings. This implies that having the same level of content, and a well-developed social media presence can give you the advantage to rank higher and attract more visitors to your website.

Social media content is any type of written, visual, or auditory content that is posted to social media platforms as part of a marketing campaign. It can encompass many different types of content, including written blogs, articles, images, and videos. 

The main purpose of social media content is to drive traffic and engagement to a website or landing page. This can be achieved by encouraging social shares and generating leads through calls-to-action (CTAs). It can also be used to increase brand awareness, improve customer engagement, and earn customer loyalty. Finally, social media content builds authority against your competition, so potential customers see your MSP business as a thought leader. 

Social media content can be posted and published on any social media platform, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It can be created specifically for these platforms or repurposed from other sources, such as blogs or websites.

How does social media content drive conversions?

Utilising social media is an effective strategy for creating potential customers, and it can give brands access to leads that have a high probability of becoming customers. Social media platforms are more likely to capture the attention of users than other sources such as email or websites. Plus, these sites have the advantage of having users’ personal profiles with a wealth of information to use for targeting and contact purposes.

The more engaging and interactive social media content is, the more likely it is to drive conversions. The elements of social media content that drive conversions include customer engagement, brand awareness, customer loyalty, and customer acquisition. 

Customer engagement – Engaging with customers on social media platforms can be both educational and entertaining. In addition to providing helpful information about your product or service, you can provide entertainment through quizzes, surveys, and other activities. The more engaging your social media content is, the more likely it is to drive conversions. 

Brand awareness – Not always easy to achieve, especially in a social media setting, however driving brand awareness is important since it helps to establish customer loyalty. It also helps to move customers from the consideration stage of the sales funnel to the purchase stage. 

Customer loyalty – It is important to engage with potential customers in a way that makes them feel like they are part of your team. When you consistently engage with customers in a positive way, they will develop a sense of loyalty towards your brand. 

Customer acquisition – You can entice new customers to try your products or services by offering discounts and other incentives. You can also encourage them to engage with your brand by interacting with them and answering their questions. The more social media content you create and publish, the more opportunities you have to reach new customers.

Measuring the success of social media content

The first step in measuring the social media conversion rate is to determine which type of content you are creating and publishing. After that, you will need to select one or more metrics to use to measure its success. 

Blog posts – use blog traffic statistics, such as page views, downloads, and time on page. You can also use social engagement metrics, such as shares, likes, and comments to measure their success. 

Visual content – use social engagement and page views statistics for social media platforms. You can also use page views statistics for visual content published on your website. 

Audio content – use social engagement and download statistics for social media platforms. You can also use downloads statistics for audio content published on your website. 

Contests and quizzes – use social engagement and player statistics for social media platforms. You can also use player statistics for contests and quizzes published on your website.

Which social media is best to create conversions?

When it comes to using social media platforms for lead generation, it is essential to recognise which ones work best for your brand and its objectives. The most effective platforms are the ones that your target audience visits often.

It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of your target buyers in order to determine the most suitable social media platform for your lead generation strategy. For instance, if your target market is more active on Facebook, then investing your resources in creating a TikTok campaign might not be the best decision. Choosing the places that your target audience visits guarantees that your lead generation plans are concentrating on those who are probably going to be clients and who are probably looking for what your company offers.

Convert leads into your next customers

Social media is a powerful and effective way to create conversions for your business. The more people you engage with quality content on social media, your conversion probability is increased and the further your reach extends to new and potential customers.

The social media marketing specialists at LeftLeads are experts in crafting content that increases your interaction and reach, enhancing the probability of achieving social media conversions and improving lead generation. 


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