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Platform 24’s Digital Triumph: 5x Qualified Leads & 50x ROI

Platform 24 Digital Triumph

• Not ranking on search engines
• Relied on referrals for growth
• Inconsistent branding


• Refresh website & brand identity
• Enhance website for conversion
• Comprehensive SEO approach


• 24x Lead Gen
• 1,500% SEO visibility boost
• 10 Leads Per Month Avg


Managed Service Provider (MSP) Platform 24 focused on delivering a range of IT solutions and support to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Their expertise encompasses a wide array of IT services ranging from hardware and software solutions, to maintenance, support, and admin.

Renowned for their proactive approach, Platform 24’s support model is designed to transition clients from the unpredictability and expenses of traditional break-fix solutions to a more stable and cost-effective IT management approach.


Despite a challenging history with marketing agencies marked by inconsistency and dissatisfaction, Platform 24 determined to find value in their marketing efforts. Their previous 12-month engagement with another agency was fraught with issues – frequent typos, nonsensical content, and a revolving door of account managers leading to a stagnation in progress. Disappointed with the unreliable and underwhelming performance statistics, Platform 24 was sceptical about the tangible benefits of marketing.

Their turning point came when they encountered LeftLeads at IT Nation in August 2022. Intrigued by LeftLead’s specialised focus on MSPs and their industry expertise, Platform 24 was compelled to explore a new direction for their marketing strategy.


The difficulties Platform 24 were experiencing included:

“From the very beginning, [LeftLeads] was clear about what they could and couldn’t achieve, and how they were going to do as they described, and they stuck to that all the way through. We had that openness with them right from the start.”

~ Rick Williams, Director Platform 24


In December 2022, Platform 24 initiated a partnership with LeftLeads. Recognising the necessity for quality content and a deeper understanding of Platform 24’s strengths, LeftLeads devised a plan focusing on:

This strategic focus enabled Platform 24 to amplify their messaging effectively in their chosen areas over the subsequent six months.

“We always get great engagement with their proactive activities, regular catch-ups and engagement, and a desire from the LeftLeads’ team to actually make our marketing work. They’d look at what can be done better, how other things could be fixed, and it’s refreshing – if I [have] feedback, it’s always addressed.

~ Rick Williams, Director Platform 24

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After 12 months, LeftLeads’ digital marketing strategy has yielded tangible results for Platform 24:

The first lead emerged after 10 months, quickly followed by more, marking the most effective ROI from digital marketing Platform 24 has experienced.

As a result of LeftLeads’ digital marketing efforts, Platform 24 is consistently generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs), and has won a sizable account worth $200k ARR. The deal came just four months after the initial website contact, underscoring the swift ROI post the website revamp.

With expectations of revenue growth and higher-than-normal profit margins, this venture underscores a significant achievement for Platform 24.

My philosophy has always been, whatever we’re paying on marketing, if it’s working and we’re getting really good results, then we’ll put more of that budget into marketing. And it’s starting to flow through – we’re definitely seeing an uplift and an improvement. LeftLeads said six or twelve months, and that’s where we’re at.”

~ Rick Williams, Director Platform 24


Buoyed by these successes, Platform 24 plans to double down on their digital marketing investments with LeftLeads. Future strategies include more customised social media activities, account-based marketing, email nurtures, newsletters, and additional website enhancements. Platform 24 also envisions expanding into the agritech space, continuing to highlight compliance and cyber security as key marketing focuses.

“One of the key things is that we do trust them because they know what they’re talking about – they only work with MSPs in the tech space, and that gives us the confidence to move forward with them.”

~ Rick Williams, Director Platform 24


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