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Omni-Channel Marketing for MSPs

Omni Channel Marketing

Today, customers are more informed and connected than ever before. They have information at their fingertips about products and services, share their experiences with their network on social media, and subscribe to digital newsletters to be the first to hear about new offerings and deals.

As a result, MSPs or technology companies must think carefully about how they entice customers to buy from them with a holistic user experience (so they don’t buy from their competitors instead). Because it’s no longer enough to just have an amazing website or a well-designed brochure.

Today’s customers demand an exceptional experience across all channels – an omni-channel experience.

Keep reading to find out how to create that omni-channel marketing experience, its benefits for customer and why it’s so important for MSP brands today.

What is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Omni-channel marketing is an integrated approach that combines all communication channels to engage customers and generate sales.

The experience should be the same regardless of how the customer encounters your brand. Different touchpoint, same experience.

An omni-channel campaign is where companies maximise their marketing effort across all channels, devices, and platforms to deliver a unified message, consistent visuals, and cohesive collateral. By reaching customers where they are and providing an appropriate, on-brand offer, omni-channel marketing ensures success.

Omni-Channel vs Multi-Channel Marketing

An omni-channel experience can consist of multiple channels, but not all multi-channel experiences are omni-channel. You may have terrific mobile marketing, engaging social media campaigns, and a well-designed website. However, if they don’t work together, they won’t provide customers with an omni-channel experience.

When a user interacts with a company across multiple channels, the channels may not be connected or synchronized. However, during an omni-channel experience, channels are connected so that potential customers can move between them seamlessly.

Better Customer Experience

A great customer experience is crucial to every brand, and omni-channel marketing is one of the best ways to achieve this. In fact, 88% of shoppers say they would be more likely to purchase from a company if they offered an uninterrupted, seamless experience across all channels.

More importantly, a good customer experience has a direct impact on revenue. According to research, poor customer experience could reduce revenue by up to 24%, while an exceptional experience could increase revenue by up to 31%.

How Omni-channel Marketing Helps Brand Experience?

An omni-channel marketing strategy delivers a more effective brand message by combining the strengths of each communication channel. In addition to reaching the right audience at the right time, it allows for greater reach and increased conversions. A win-win for everyone!

By providing seamless customer experiences, brands can achieve a positive brand experience and elevate their reputation among customers. Additionally, brands that provide a consistent experience across channels are more likely to increase sales, reduce support costs, and enjoy a high rate of customer retention. However, achieving omni-channel experience is no easy task. It is a combination of many things, including an integrated marketing strategy, consistent branding, interactive content, and an easy-to-use technology platform.

How to Achieve an Omni-channel Marketing Strategy?

There are several key steps that brands must follow to successfully achieve an omni-channel marketing strategy.

Before We Sign Off

Omni-channel marketing has quickly become a thriving trend in the marketing industry. Companies are realising that one-way communication through traditional advertising channels is not enough anymore.

Customers want more: they want a personalised experience that meets their needs across all channels. They also want a consistent experience and trust from brands, which means that businesses must put in extra effort to achieve it. Thus, it is crucial for brands to adopt an omni-channel marketing strategy that enables them to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all channels.

The marketing specialists at LeftLeads specialise in creating omni-channel marketing to showcase your MSP expertise to potential customers. Chat with us today to see how we can create this experience for your MSP.


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