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Microsoft Partners: Unlock new benefits & packages

Microsoft is committed to arm partners with the essential resources and backing they need to bring exceptional solutions to organizations and communities worldwide. Exciting developments have emerged with the announcement of new benefits packages for partners, showcasing a range of sought-after product advantages, support, and advisory services aimed at bolstering partner achievement.

The unveiling includes three benefits packages: Partner Launch Benefits, Partner Success Core Benefits, and Partner Success Expanded Benefits. These packages are meticulously tailored to accommodate Microsoft’s partners’ diverse requirements and cater to different growth stages. They are designed to propel businesses forward. These new offerings supplement the already available Solutions Partner and ISV Success core and expanded benefits, enhancing the support structure for partners.

Tailored Support Across Growth Stages

Microsoft’s approach to partner development is comprehensive, ensuring there’s a support package suitable for every phase of a partner’s growth journey. For those embarking on their first solution creation or looking to enhance their capabilities, the range of packages ensures there’s a fit for every need. 

The Partner Launch Benefits are designed for those initiating their growth, granting access to Microsoft’s products for exploration, utilization, and testing. As partners progress, the Partner Success Core Benefits provide broader tools and support. Partner Success Expanded Benefits offers the most extensive collection of product benefits and support services for partners poised for large-scale expansion.

These packages are available for individual purchase and can complement existing benefits, including ISV Success. Additionally, partners are encouraged to differentiate themselves further by achieving a Solutions Partner designation or specialization in a specific solution area. This enhances visibility among customers and unlocks additional benefits such as more Microsoft Azure credits, increased seat allocations, and extensive technical support.

Exploring the Partner Benefits Packages

Microsoft directs interested parties to the Compare Offers page for a detailed comparison of the new partner benefits packages and their pricing. It’s important to note that this overview is incomplete. The Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Benefits Guide contains a comprehensive list of benefits, including those tied to Solutions Partner designations and specializations.

Each package includes additional perks like Microsoft Sales Copilot, which aims to optimize sales team efficiency and customer interactions, and Copilot (previously known as Bing Chat or Bing Chat Enterprise), designed to boost productivity through advanced AI models.

Empowering Businesses with Strategic Benefits

By opting for a benefits package, partners unlock crucial tools at a significant value, facilitating the development, testing, and delivering high-performance solutions and ensuring solid product recommendations to customers.

Microsoft offers flexibility in choosing a package that aligns with a partner’s current needs, allowing for the expansion of benefits as the partnership with Microsoft grows. This flexible approach enables the purchase of multiple packages, ensuring partners have access to the necessary resources to enhance their cloud and AI practices.

Accessing New Opportunities

Since January 22, 2024, these new partner benefits packages have been made available in major markets, presenting a comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable pathway to growth and success with Microsoft. By the end of March 2024, the availability is set to expand to most other regions.

To access these packages, MPN Admins can navigate to the Membership Offers page in the Partner Center. Partners are encouraged to contact their MPN Admin to begin or visit the Compare Offers page for more insights into these new, exciting packages.

Keeping Abreast of Further Developments

In tandem with the new partner benefits packages, Microsoft is also revising other valuable offerings, including new designations for ISV solutions: Solutions Partner with certified software and Signature Cloud Support benefits.

The new ISV designations, now known as Solutions Partner with certified software designations, were revealed during Microsoft Inspire 2023 and will be available for qualifying cloud software solutions. 

These designations signal to customers that a solution is interoperable with the Microsoft Cloud and has a proven track record of customer success, offering ISVs a valuable opportunity to connect with customers seeking software solutions and unlock additional Microsoft benefits.

Additionally, an update to the Signature Cloud Support benefit is on the horizon, reflecting reflecting Microsoft’s ongoing analysis of market conditions and the competitive landscape. Starting July 1, 2024, the support incidents benefit will be adjusted for partners with a Solutions Partner designation or those who have previously invested in legacy benefits packages, and more details will be shared in the forthcoming months.


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