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6 Crypto Projects That Are Leading The Way on UX

6 Crypto Projects That Are Leading The Way on UX - Business

Mass adoption is the holy grail of the crypto industry. Many people believe the industry needs to overcome regulation issues among many others first.

However, if your mother or 10-yo son can’t figure out how to buy or trade crypto, isn’t that more of an issue?

The crypto industry has been led by technology experts, they are really good at building stuff that’s cool, but not easily used.

Usability is one of the necessary ingredients for mass adoption. No grandma wants to try to make sure to correctly copy/paste a long string of numbers and letters. Until one can use and transfer crypto without worry that they are about to mess everything up with no recourse, we will remain in a dark age.

As the saying goes – if you need an instruction manual to operate something, you’re doing it wrong.

Some projects out there seem to be tackling these issues, we are excited to see the next wave of cryptocurrencies take over. We have compiled a list of crypto-related projects that will take us to the next stage of this exciting industry.

Dash Pay

Dash Project Banner

As an ecosystem, Dash is paving the way for ease of use with real-world use cases. Below is a number of usability-focused projects in the eco-system.

Dash is making all transactions on its blockchain permanent, secure, and instant. Serving as a large move toward making cryptocurrency a viable option for retailers and merchants. This means both the customer and the retailer no longer have to wait around for a transaction to confirm and clear.

A wallet service enabling Dash transactions via SMS message available in Venezuela. The service operates Dash wallets by SMS-based commands, sent to a five-digit shortcode similar to those used in popular SMS voting.
Enabling anyone with a cell phone of any kind to transact in Dash without an internet connection, a particular bonus in a country where only 40% of the population has access to a smartphone.

While still very technically driven, this wallet has an email function. All you need to do is select the email option when sending. It’s a great online wallet that syncs with your hardware wallet and you can instantly and private send to anyone.

Divi Project

screenshot of a web page ad copy.

The new kid on the block, they are challenging the way we think about cryptocurrencies, with a user-led approach. Divi has a novel solution to solve the biggest and most lucrative problem in the crypto world: mass adoption by average people. They have already made some exciting progress and we look forward to seeing more from the team.

Cloud-enabled Masternodes
With a one-click cloud Install, Divi has provided a way for users who don’t want to run a masternode at home to easily set one up on the much faster cloud servers from Amazon, Microsoft, and others. Masternodes only take 5 minutes to set up at the click of a button.

Mobile-enabled Masternodes
That’s right, with the new cloud-based approach to enabling masternodes, users can activate masternodes from their mobile device.

This upcoming technology will solve one of the biggest security problems presented by cryptocurrencies: How do you make it more secure than a bank? It’s expected to be more secure than a safety deposit box, because even under threat or coercion, a user can’t remove it until a specific date and time.

Divi Address system – email and SMS
One of the current features under development is the addressing system. The Divi Project solved this by allowing users to associate each wallet’s public key with a unique name of their choice, which can be used by others to send funds or connect with them.

The team is in the process of enabling users to send cryptocurrencies by email or phone number. Each named account can be mapped one-to-one to their wallet address, you’ll be able to send your crypto to someone if you only know their name, email, or phone number.

Fio foundation

Fio Crypto Wallet

FIO is will enable greatly enhanced user experience inside the FIO enabled wallets, exchanges and applications of their choice. When complete, sending and receiving of crypto tokens and coins can be made from any blockchain on any wallet or exchange, it will become easy and error free.


Navcoin Banner

NavCoin is an easy to use digital currency, they believe that cryptocurrencies are complicated, and it doesn’t need to be that way. NavCoin aims to make paying with crypto so easy your parents can do it.

Pay a name, not a number

NavCoin uses OpenAlias to make sending money as easy as typing an email address.

Frictionless payments

Transactions can be sent for a fraction of a cent, will show up within seconds (confirmed in 30 seconds), and there are a range of wallets designed to make sending NAV effortless.

Neo Name Service (NNS)

logo for a company with a green box.

NEO is adding its own name service that will allow you to convert your long NEO addresses like AR4QmqYENiZAD6oXe7ftm6eDcwtHk7rVTT to something easy to read and remember like simple.neo or easy.gas

Making blockchain technology easy and accessible to the masses is one of the near-term goals for NNS, this feature is a step in the right direction.

The NNS team are working with clients in the NEO ecosystem to ensure that all wallets will support the transfer of tokens via aliases. The NNS team is doing all they can to ensure that they will grow and expand, and that the NEO ecosystem and user base will also grow and expand.


black and white photo with a quote on it.

This is a great exchange for Canadian users who are looking for the easiest way to get their hands on some cryptocurrency. It is a simple and effective way for you to convert your CAD into crypto.

They have a responsive customer support desk and are able to answer requests via telephone, and their verification and KYC times were some of the lowest in Canada.


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    Michael Harris

    Thank you Steve, another project that you may consider worthy to the above, is ShareRing. It’s beauty is the customer / client does not even need to be aware the they’re dealing with the blockchain.

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