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IT trade publications US-based IT Companies should know

Key IT Trade Publications for U.S.-Based IT Companies

If you run an IT company or value-added reseller business, you need to stay on top of news, products, gadgets, and everything else in the IT world to best serve your clients.

You don’t want to go around from website to website looking for the latest information, though; you need one single publication to turn to every morning so you get the latest updates in the smallest amount of time. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 United States IT trade digital publications. Find the one that best matches you and your business.

VAR Insights

1. VAR Insights

VAR Insights’ Business Solutions magazine specializes in high-end niches like access control, point-of-sale, and video surveillance. They aim to get you the freshest business-enabling content in the IT channel on a daily basis through newsletters, webinars, events, and exclusive content.

VAR Insights is dedicated to helping you navigate the highly competitive and fast-changing IT channel, so check them out for all the advice, market analysis, and tech news you need to keep up in your field.

Channel Insider

2. Channel Insider

Combining news and technology, Channel Insider aims its articles and recommendations towards channel partners, value-added resellers, IT solutions providers, managed service providers, and software-as-a-solution providers.

They’ve got all the in-depth IT analysis, product comparisons, and interviews with subject matter experts you could need on one site. Channel Insider’s resources are information is critical for your operations, so take a look today.

CIO Insight

3. CIO Insight

Not just for the IT channel, CIO Insight offers thought leadership and best practices in IT security and management. Find the expert software recommendations you need before you make decisions for your business, or check regulatory compliance updates and maintenance against your business’ needs.

CIO Insight is ideal for IT managers, systems integrators, and decision-makers to stay informed on emerging technologies and software developments across the IT industry.


4. CRN

CRN aims to supply news, analysis, and perspective for IT solution providers and technology integrators, delivering industry intelligence, management strategies, and forward-looking insights to all fields.

Their IT channel has all the up-to-date news with solution provider perspectives – and they encourage reader contribution. You can send them a tip or breaking news, or any valuable insight you’ve gleaned in your field of tech.

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5. Dealerscope

Dealerscope is your number one resource for B2B products and strategies for consumer technology retailing. They offer insider looks, opinions, analysis, and deals on emerging consumer electronics and appliances, and reviews all the latest appliances and gadgets before you have to make a decision for your business.

Sign up for their monthly digimag, or subscribe to a modified newsletter, to ensure you’re getting the news and updates you need.

Redmond Channel Partner

6. Redmond Channel Partner

This channel focuses 100% on Microsoft-centric partners. It has all the updates on everything Microsoft, as well as technical, business, and political issues you might need to know.

Redmond Channel offers its Microsoft-partnered readers the best advice on how to expand their business, develop fruitful partnerships, work more closely with Microsoft, and market unique areas of expertise for their customers.

SearchIT Channel

7. SearchIT Channel

IT media giant Tech Target’s online trade publication SearchIT Channel is aimed towards business and technology professionals in the IT services and solutions industry. Managed service providers and the like will get the most out of this publication with editorial features, news, and expert advice created for them.

From data management and business analytics to networking and cybersecurity, all your MSP insights are met at SearchIT.


8. SmallBizTechnology

SmallBizTechnology educates business owners and entrepreneurs with information on how to strategically use technology to start and grow their business.

Their news, updates, insights, and analyses are aimed at the not-so technically savvy business owners; those who need the tech to boost their productivity, grow their business, and save on time and money, but aren’t sure what IT products and tools they should be looking at.

Channel Daily News

9. Channel Daily News

While CDN is a Canadian-based IT publication, it’s also a useful resource for US-based small business VARs and MSPs who want to follow the goings-on of their neighbour’s IT market.

CDN provides insightful commentary on technology products and services, as well as critical analyses of the competitive landscape challenges and opportunities facing solution providers.

ChannelPro Network

10. ChannelPro Network

ChannelPro targets IT decision-makers and channel partners via its website with live events and monthly magazines. They deliver expert analysis, news, product reviews, and advice, with a wide range of perspectives from partners, vendors, and analysts.

They offer education and training programs, marketing services, industry research, consulting services, and much more to help businesses grow and reach their customers.

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    I’m very new to the “show” and I’m just starting to gather information on how to start an IT company in the near future. I have some experience but I need to stay on top of news and events so this list is very helpful for me. Thank you!

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