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IT Branding: Recognizing the Need for an Upgrade

My experience with numerous marketers across various sectors reveals a common challenge: finding time to focus solely on branding—many hope to allocate more time to it.

Brand reviews leading to increased engagement should be more timely and timely. Yet, successful brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung demonstrate the power of distinctive positioning and a clear, vibrant direction in setting up effective marketing and communications.

Your brand should effortlessly resonate with current and potential customers, maintaining mental availability. This concept, highlighted by Professor Jenni Romaniuk of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, involves building brand memory structures to ensure your brand is top-of-mind in purchasing decisions. Brands need to be easily recalled in these quick decision-making moments.

When a brand fails to connect, it’s time for a strategic review. Marketers must identify when to reassess their B2B brand strategy, plan and prioritize long-term considerations, and ensure the brand’s effectiveness and health.

Signs Your Brand Needs a Change:

  • Over 50% focus on activation with no future customer brand development
  • Lack of clarity in the brand’s purpose, identity, and value proposition
  • Sluggish growth in a robust economy
  • Outdated brand identity misaligned with business goals
  • New competitors or market disruptions
  • Negative media impact on reputation
  • Marketplace confusion and lack of distinct positioning
  • Challenges in global trade affecting supply and quality
  • Excessive short-term focus overshadowing strategic planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions necessitating tough decisions

Effective Brand Positioning

In IT purchases, remembered brands are more likely to be chosen. The goal is to position your brand so it’s more prominently and positively considered than competitors. This involves associating your business with unique emotional triggers, sounds, and visuals in customers’ minds.

Challenges for IT Marketers

Integrating brand messaging, refreshing creative elements, and enhancing digital customer experiences into a marketing calendar is complex but essential. At LeftLeads, we identify pain points and opportunities, build brand frameworks, and use dedicated platforms to test and track brand awareness and engagement over time.

Bringing B2C Elements into B2B Branding

B2B branding can benefit from incorporating B2C elements to build brand salience. As my seven-year-old exclaimed from the back seat, embracing these elements can be compelling.

Presenting Brand Evolution to Executives

Convincing an executive team to invest in brand improvement requires confidence and a strategic approach. It’s crucial to present metrics and projections that appeal to a CFO’s perspective and entrepreneurial goals.

Working with LeftLeads Experts

An independent agency like LeftLeads can be instrumental in guiding your brand’s evolution, integrating strategy, customer experience, and design. We demystify brand jargon and align various components, including positioning, messaging, identity, expression, and brand management.

Recognizing the Right Time for Change

A brand can become disconnected from its customers for various reasons. A comprehensive brand framework can help identify change areas and align your brand with your marketing goals.


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