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MSP Sales: How to hack your sales processes and bring customers to you with SEO.

How to Optimize Your Sales Processes and Attract Customers with SEO

First of all – this article isn’t about selling our MSP marketing services to you. Feel free to use the content in this blog to help your MSP grow.

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Do you like it when someone cold calls you and tries to sell something? So why would you do that to a prospective customer?

I don’t know about you, but getting interrupted by someone trying to sell their services to you is annoying. I wouldn’t buy from someone who calls out of the blue, and I would most likely ignore them for life. 

Thats why I love inbound, because you’re attracting people as they search for your services. Your goal should be to “fish where the fish are.”

There’s a lot of things you need to consider when attracting people to your website. Let’s skip to the chase . . . Your ideal customer goes through different stages during their journey to buy from your business.

 IT Services Buyers Journey

The easiest place to attract people is in the middle stage of their journey; this stage is also known as solution-seeking. Solution seekers have already done their research and are currently looking for providers who can fill their need.

Ideally, we want to start with the first stage of the customers’ journey, but that’s a different article which you can read more about here. 

To attract more people who are in the middle of the buyer’s journey (solution seekers), I build the following landing pages that focus on the keyword terms listed below. Note, merely making these pages is only the first start. 

If you create these landing pages, you’ll be on to a good start:

Page 1: Business IT Support 

This keyword set is primarily for SMB customers.

Page 2: IT Support [city name] 

One of my top SEO pages for MSPs, this is one of the highest-grossing keyword sets. People search for your city name all the time.

Page 3: Office 365 Consultants 

Yes, Office 365, people still search for it. Remember your customers don’t keep up with the play and not everyone is aware of Microsoft 365 yet.

Page 4: IT Support Costs Per User

This is a low volume search term but a very high converter. I probably shouldn’t have included this because now I will have a lot more competitors. But this is one keyword set that targets users in the late stage. If you work towards this keyword set, you will receive leads who are price conscious and be looking for a bargain.

I hope you enjoy the tips. If you have any questions about SEO, please comment below, or send me an email and we can discuss more.

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    So true, nobody wants a random sales call…Lots of great info here – I like that you really come at the search from a customer’s point of view. About how long does it take you to write a great landing page? I know they might not have that many words, but they require so much research and understanding.

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