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How Tech Companies Can Excel in Social Media

Research indicates a striking 78% of sales professionals who utilize social media for selling surpass their peers who don’t. This highlights a significant shift: social media has evolved beyond just a space for entertainment to a key player in IT engagement and lead generation.

Social media isn’t just accessible and cost-effective; it offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into customer preferences and engage them through diverse, compelling content that other marketing channels might not provide.

However, diving into social media for Technology is more complex than just creating an account and posting. This article will cover key strategies for effective tech social media engagement, including:

  1. Choosing the right platform
  2. Purposeful planning
  3. Personality-driven promotion
  4. Leveraging existing content
  5. Utilizing paid advertising

Social Media Best Practices

Choose the Right Platform

Navigating social media for IT requires a strategic understanding of where your audience is most active. Analyze your current customer base to identify their preferred platforms and the types of content they engage with. While LinkedIn and Twitter are often the go-to for IT interactions, platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram also hold potential, depending on your audience.

Purposeful Planning

Consistency is key in social media management. Avoid the pitfall of outdated or sporadic posts by maintaining a well-structured social media calendar. Tailor your posting frequency to your team’s capabilities and the platform norms. Tools like Loomly, Hootsuite, and HeyOrca can aid in scheduling and managing content.

Focus on creating content that speaks directly to your buyers, resonating with current and potential clients.

Personality-driven Promotion

While targeting business decision-makers, remember that a human element is essential. Social media thrives on relatability and engagement. Ensure your content is conversational and engaging and reflects a blend of professionalism with a human touch.

Balance promotional content with posts that showcase your company culture and thought leadership, and engage in lighter, more relatable topics.

Leveraging Existing Content

Maximize your existing content by repurposing it for social media. A single article or webinar can be transformed into multiple engaging posts, alleviating the pressure of constant content creation.

Utilizing Paid Advertising

While organic reach is limited, paid advertising on social media can significantly increase your visibility to the desired audience. Tailored advertising can target specific demographics, locations, and industries, enhancing lead-generation efforts.

Integrating Social Media into Your Business Strategy

With over 5 billion people engaged in social media globally, the potential for IT companies is immense. A well-executed social media strategy can boost brand visibility and play a critical role in lead generation and customer acquisition. In a landscape where compelling storytelling and digital presence are increasingly valued by buyers, ensuring your company’s active and strategic participation in social media is imperative.

While the charm of social media may lie in its lighter content, like cat videos and memes, its real value for businesses lies in its power to connect, engage, and convert audiences into customers.


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