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How Utah MSP secured their second-largest customer

Solzorro Managed IT Services


Solzorro is an information technology (IT) services and support provider based in Provo, Utah on a mission to deliver exceptional customer service and become the top IT leader in its region. 

Founded in 2011 on the principle that IT can always be done better to always put customers first, Solzorro has fast become a local leader in its sector, servicing clients in over 30 different industries such as construction, engineering, healthcare, hospitality and not-for-profit (NFT).

Specializing in IT support, managed services, security and Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform consulting, it is an official certified consulting partner across both software platforms. 

“For us, LeftLeads is so good that I would not want any of my competitors to use them.”

Dan Burt, President and Senior Engineer, Solzorro


With the poor economy caused by COVID-19, Solzorro wanted to take care of its employees and decided to invest in its infrastructure to be able to proactively acquire new clients and grow.

Solzorro had previously grown its business 30% on average annually, primarily generating opportunities through client referrals. It also has a friendly competitor it shares leads with and receives leads from in return. However, the company found it was limited in two areas: 

  1. Acquiring larger-sized leads and customers outside of the SMB space
  2. Acquiring leads through digital inbound channels

Solzorro wanted to rank first for key search terms related to Managed Services Providers (MSP) and IT providers in Utah to address these gaps. However, it discovered it only ranked in the eighth page of Google for those keywords. Solzorro saw the need to find a SEO specialist that could provide expertise and help it grow its organic search presence and improve its lead gen.

“Like all people who hire an SEO company, our primary target was to get on the first page of Google” recalls Dan Burt, President and Senior Engineer at Solzorro. “My initial thought was to do a search on Google for ‘MSP SEO’, figuring the company that can show up in that search can get me to rank first. But the first vendor we spoke with dismissed us as too small to work with or afford, which made me question our ability to afford or find a suitable partner altogether.”


Burt persisted in his search for the right partner and spoke with several more digital marketing vendors about their SEO challenges, initiating a Google AdWords campaign with a vendor shortly before discovering LeftLeads. He soon found LeftLeads’ approach fit their needs better – and that they had an immediate, visible impact on Solzorro’s search ranking and site health.

“LeftLeads were honest and open in their billing and communication and that gave me confidence in them,” said Burt. “They had similar values in how customers should be treated, and quickly found problems with my site and hosting plan, recommended actions, and migrated us to a better host. They went above and beyond, and while I spoke with six others that were cheaper or promised more results, LeftLeads gave me the most faith they could get it done.”

 Keyword Ranking Distribution Graph


Solzorro Ranking Improvement since LeftLeads

Burt observed LeftLeads’ SEO implementation rapidly outperformed their first hired vendor’s Adwords implementation, and decided to replace them to accelerate their partnership and SEO goals: “When I agreed to sign up, I was told upfront it takes around six months to have success, which was appreciated. But it’s safe to say [LeftLeads] quickly surpassed my expectations within the first month.”

For Burt, the increased local exposure and online presence Solzorro gained with LeftLeads’ help was clear from the start of their partnership. “Solzorro jumped up hundreds of places in our targeted Google rankings in more than a dozen different search categories, and we are now being found by people that we would not have been able to find on our own organically.” 

Solzorro achieved a significant milestone in February 2020, when a local company with international brand recognition requested their IT services, something which Burt takes pride in. 

“They told us when they searched for five or six different services they needed, Solzorro was ranked number one or in the top three results for every single search. Three months in, that was absolutely thrilling to have LeftLeads help us acquire such a significantly sized business lead.”

Results and Benefits

In March 2020, a globally recognized company based in Salt Lake City discovered Solzorro in its search for IT service providers in Utah among the top fifteen competitors. “Thanks to LeftLeads, we were included in our second largest lead’s search. What’s been exciting is we’re not just getting one or two leads a month; it’s that there are leads that, for us, are bigger than we’ve gotten. Our biggest leads with LeftLeads have been between $3,000 to $5,000 a month.”

LeftLeads holds monthly meetings and regular calls to provide full reporting of SEO growth and detailed updates on what work is completed, such as website optimization, so that Solzorro always understands why each action is taken and how it improves their organic search ranking.

“It’s up to LeftLeads to put us in front of prospects, and for us to close that,” said Burt. “I give them a lot of credit for how quickly they’ve been able to improve our brand’s search ranking, educating us and making us more accessible, so that we can get in front of the right people.”


With some fantastic results achieved so far, Solzorro has its eyes set on continuing to expand its highly visible organic search standing to offer its breadth of services to more customers.

“We’ve been very happy with LeftLeads – and we’re not done yet,” Burt emphasizes. “There are more industry-specific optimized website pages LeftLeads are helping us with that we’re excited about, and more work to be done to cater for different customer sectors more directly, such as financial, that we’ve engaged up to this point. 

“For us, LeftLeads is so good that I would not want any of my competitors to use them.” 

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