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Itopia Increased Qualified Leads By 6.5x

Case Study of Itopia Increased Qualified Leads


Itopia is an Australian managed services provider (MSP) and support company that provides fast, affordable and proactive IT managed services for small-to-midsize businesses (SMB) in Brisbane, Queensland. It’s on a mission to become one of the best-known MSPs in Brisbane.

Established in 2014, the company has helped over 200 small businesses with their technology and infrastructure needs, ensuring their many clients enjoy a seamless user experience free of complexity or headaches, while at a fraction of cost of having an internal IT department.

Itopia’s support technicians provide 24 hour on-site and remote IT managed services Brisbane-wide for cloud, desktop, mobile, networking and servers, as part of its custom support packages built to suit each of their client’s specific needs. As an officially certified Microsoft partner, it offers Microsoft 365 consulting and extensive expertise across the Microsoft stack.

“We feel like our brand is now up there with the big players. There’s only 15 companies in Brisbane that dominate the space – and we’re now one of them.”

Adam Dodds, Director, Itopia


Itopia enjoyed high visibility in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in the early years of the business for key search terms related to IT support. However, rapid changes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practices saw its organic ranking gradually lessen. This drop affected inbound lead generation, eventually leading to a 12 month period with no website conversions.

“I’ve always been a big believer of SEO as a funnel for marketing,” said Adam Dodds, Director at Itopia, “and there’s definitely a lot of our competitors that don’t learn too much about it, so I find getting good rankings in Google and other search engines is vital to stay on top of things.”

Recognizing this gap, Itopia initially engaged an SEO specialist in Melbourne to help, but found the quality and delivery of the service to be unsatisfactory. “We weren’t seeing results; we didn’t get any reports, customer enquiries or significant changes in the rankings at all,” Adam recalled.

The team at Itopia moved on to find a new digital marketing partner who matched their values and focus on customer-driven service, and came across LeftLeads as a top result in search.

“It was just a no-brainer to choose LeftLeads and get a partner with experience who keeps us updated and understands the IT space, rather than the other SEO companies who claimed they do everything and clearly didn’t know the industry or our specific needs,” Adam said. 


Adam engaged LeftLeads with the expectation that they would help Itopia rank for a broad range of keywords in Brisbane to secure a handful of queries monthly, which was enough for Itopia’s immediate needs. “With the uncertainty of COVID-19 at the time, we weren’t expecting too much, at least initially,” he said.

 Organic Keywords Graphical Representation organic search results

Itopia’s website had not been optimized for some time, so LeftLeads started by making crucial adjustments to its design and technical structure to improve its user experience and underlying performance. In addition, it quickly got Itopia into the Microsoft partners directory and other relevant sites, such as CloudTango, to establish backlinks and Itopia as a local IT MSP leader.

Finally, LeftLeads provided Itopia’s original content, updates to product pages and managed its social media presence to help amplify its messaging and increase its organic search visibility. For Adam, the impact of LeftLeads’ work for Itopia was tangible and visible almost immediately.

“We chose LeftLeads and within just a few weeks, I could see real changes to our search standing. They tracked and optimized for the keywords relevant to our business and that we want to rank for, and we very quickly started to get some traction in organic ranking again.”

Results and Benefits

Itopia now has a 6.5x increase in lead generation (sales qualified) using LeftLeads, and organically ranks on the first page for several of its desired keyword categories, which has significantly increased the company’s visibility and authority as a local business leader in the highly competitive IT space.

Itopia gets one to three inbound leads per month and has recently secured its largest client through organic search, which is three times the size of Itopia’s past SMB client-base. The not-for-profit client has since engaged Itopia for ongoing senior consulting and project services.

“To win a leading nation-wide organization as our client, through improved SEO, will definitely help us see a very significant return on investment (ROI) for the next 12 months which may transition into bigger and better things,” said Adam.


Itopia plans to continue its upward expansion in top organic search results and further refine its website, including further technical optimization, to make the site more mobile-friendly and increase its conversion rate.

“The main thing for us is we feel like our brand is now up there with the big players. If you type in managed services or IT support, there’s only 15 companies in Brisbane that dominate the space and we’re now one of them. To be alongside such large and recognized IT companies has really boosted our reputation and even though we’re a smaller business in comparison to these other larger companies with big standings in the rankings, because of our Google presence, it does make us stand out the way we always wanted,” Adam concludes.

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