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MSP Sales: 7 Tips to getting more sales via LinkedIn

Social media has traditionally been challenging for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to navigate. Many people envisage a corporate profile when they start their social media strategy.  

However, through years of rigorous exploration and experimentation, we have realized that personal branding holds the key.

While having a well-followed corporate profile remains valuable, the post-covid age demands a more personal touch. Therefore, cultivating a personal brand is now more crucial than ever.

Below, we dive deeper into several strategies to effectively build your personal brand on LinkedIn:

1: Cultivate Know, Like, Trust (KLT) 

Your prime objective should be to familiarize people with who you are and build trust. For instance, instead of pushing for a product or service sale during the initial interactions, share stories about your professional journey or insights into your expertise. This approach encourages your audience to genuinely connect with you.

2: Leverage LinkedIn’s Search Feature 

Contrary to popular belief, Sales Navigator is optional for finding your ideal prospects.

LinkedIn’s built-in search feature can accomplish the job to a great extent, about 75%, as per our estimation. For example, you can use specific industry keywords, job titles, or geographic locations to refine your search results and reach your targeted audience.

3: Value-Driven Content is King

To foster a KLT relationship, your content should be relevant, thought-provoking, and engaging.

For instance, share articles discussing current trends in your industry, create posts offering solutions to common problems, or even curate content that aligns with your brand message.

4: Relationships Over Meetings

Introducing yourself and promptly asking for a 15-minute meeting is counterproductive.

Effective relationship building involves a more patient and personable approach. Instead of pushing for a meeting at the first instance, take the time to understand the individual’s needs and interests, and then suggest a meeting when the time feels right.

5: Establish Rapport Before Proposing a Meeting

The hard sell tactic has a low success rate. Instead, find common ground, engage in meaningful conversations, and share relevant content to create mutual understanding and trust.

For example, comment on shared interests from their profile or posts, engage in ongoing discussions on their content, or even congratulate them on professional achievements.

6: Extract Emails 

LinkedIn allows you to access people’s email addresses. This can be an effective tool for more personalized outreach or follow-ups.

Be sure to use these emails respectfully and responsibly, adhering to privacy guidelines and consent requirements.

7: Embrace Automation

Time is a valuable asset. Automating your LinkedIn outreach saves you time while ensuring consistent engagement. Tools like LinkedIn’s ‘Schedule Post’ feature or third-party automation tools can help keep your profile active and engaging even during your off-hours.

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is a strategic, long-term investment. Creating rapport and trust may take 2-4 months, but the returns are gratifying. 

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