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Content For Your Ideal Customer: What to Use & When

Content For Your Ideal Customer

Many MSPs often need help with their online content. The reason? They don’t understand completely where their clients are in their decision-making journey. Instead, they make content that doesn’t fit their target audience – it needs to be more complex, speak to the right person, or address the client’s needs.

Knowing Your Ideal Client

It’s crucial to know who you’re talking to:

Understanding the Client’s Path

Buyers usually go through a few steps when making decisions, and they are broken down into the following:

MSPs’ Challenge: Juggling Numerous Solutions

MSPs can offer a wide range of services. However, showcasing everything at once has its pitfalls:

MSPs must find a balance between highlighting their range and focusing on clients’ specific needs.

Planned Media Type by Buyer’s Stage

As potential clients move through their buying journey, different types of content resonate more effectively at each stage. It’s essential to strategically plan and utilise the right media type to guide and influence their decisions.

To maximize the effectiveness of the content and media types, aligning them with the buyer’s current stage in the journey is crucial. This ensures that the content addresses their immediate needs and concerns, leading them closer to a favourable decision.

Crucial Steps for Your Digital Content Plan

Look Back to Move Forward

For MSPs, knowing where the customer is in their journey is vital. By doing this, they can better match their services to the customer’s needs. This means better chances of being chosen at the right time.


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