Case Study: Linktech increased sales qualified leads by 200x

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• Website that wasn’t ranking well on search engines
• Website needed a content marketing and SEO refresh
• Low lead generation, traffic and activity
• Inconsistent branding
• Wanted a digital agency to increase lead generation


• Redesign website with consistent branding
• Improve the technical health of the website to increase traffic and leads
• Implement a content marketing strategy and plan
• Increase brand awareness and consistency


• 200x increase in sales qualified leads
• Increase to website traffic and keyword ranking
• New look and feel, robust website with fresh content
• Significant improvement to the site technical structure

The Client

Linktech is a managed services and IT consultancy provider helping companies optimise and modernise their operational capabilities and reduce their overall costs. Founded in 2012, the company is on a mission to implement and deliver reliable technology solutions that make technology simpler for staff and prepare businesses for tomorrow.

Linktech’s services include consulting, managed IT, cloud, modern workplace, support, and security. They partnered with leading edge companies such as Microsoft, Citrix, CISCO, VMWare, Hewlett Package Enterprise.


Linktech previously had an older business website that lacked several digital marketing and technical health considerations, which affected their visibility in top search engine results pages (SERPs), search engine optimization (SEO) and ability to acquire new customers.

The company were experiencing four primary challenges:

As a result of these pain-points, Linktech’s digital lead generation, traffic and activity was lower than the company wanted. The team then evaluated its options for a solution and sought out a digital marketing partner to help Linktech tackle the challenges it faced to increase inbound lead generation.

“We aspired to grow our MSP business model and elevate our brand awareness. We needed more leads, and a specialist IT marketing company that could help guide us along that journey. LeftLeads was recommended to us two years ago. We had a lot in common in terms of values, and quickly decided they were best fit to help; they have been a valued partner of ours since.”

~ Regina Melamed, Managing Director of Linktech


Linktech engaged LeftLeads as a marketing partner with the expectation it would help:

With the main objective of acquiring more customers in mind, LeftLeads’ had an immediate and visible impact on Linktech’s digital lead generation, while alleviating its other critical pain-points. 

Digital marketing
Image: Results from Google Search Console

“First impressions are important, and the site wasn’t doing our brand or our growth aspirations justice,” said Regina. “This is why we engaged LeftLeads to rebuild it and align it with our strategy and direction.”


Linktech has achieved a 200x increase in lead generation since working with LeftLeads, achieving its primary goal of acquiring more customers and growing the business. 

Linktech’s Keyword Distribution Over Time

The company’s website is now re-built, with fresh content (blogs, videos, landing pages and product pages), a new marketing platform installed and a pricing calculator that all contribute to bringing in new leads.

In addition, the site’s technical structure has been improved significantly, and previous configuration errors, such as the old website remaining live, are fixed.

These key SEO improvements have helped uplift Linktech’s visibility in Google global search rankings, which has gone from two website visitors to 30 – 50 daily. It now has over 23 website pages ranking organically in the top three results for its targeted keywords, and has secured several SMB, M365 business and larger clients than they have previously realized.

Lastly, the increased conversions on the company website have significantly helped keep the Linktech’s sales team engaged across their digital marketing activities. LeftLeads have also since rebuilt their sales collateral to help with traditional lead generation and conversions.


Linktech continues to engage LeftLeads in ongoing work in other areas, such as improving their review process and case studies to champion more references of their work. And refining their go-to-market strategy to narrow down their solutions to focus on its core offerings.

“LeftLeads took leadership and control of everything that needed to be done from day one. Being an external partner, they obviously don’t know everything about the business, but they came in and did the work like they were a part of the team. Steven and his team demonstrated clear experience and delivered beyond expectations.”

~ Regina Melamed, Managing Director of Linktech

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