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How Technology Solutions Gets More Than Five Qualified Leads Per Week

How Technology Solutions Generate Over Five Qualified Leads Each Week

• Not ranking on search engines
• Relied on referrals for growth
• Inconsistent branding


• Refresh website & brand identity
• Enhance website for conversion
• Comprehensive SEO approach


• 24x Lead Gen
• 1,500% SEO visibility boost
• 10 Leads Per Month Avg

The Client

Technology Solutions, rooted in Tuscon, Arizona, and Santa Fe, New Mexico, carved its initial niche through stellar referrals and word of mouth. While their reputation flourished locally, the online realm remained largely untapped. Realizing the internet’s vast potential in driving business growth, they aimed to transition from primarily referral-based leads to a dominant online presence. This is where LeftLeads stepped in, aiming to be the bridge between their current stature and their digital aspirations.

About Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions emerges as a beacon of relief for businesses daunted by IT. They present an alternative to companies, enabling them to sidestep the hefty expenses of an in-house IT department, offering a seasoned team and cutting-edge technology instead. Their collaborations with tech giants like Cisco and Microsoft have fortified their service offerings, ensuring their clients get top-tier solutions.


Amidst a forest of competitors, Technology Solutions sought to be the tree that stands out. Their goal was to amplify their online visibility and ensure when potential clients search for IT solutions; Technology Solutions is the name they stumble upon.

The company were experiencing four primary challenges:

Due to these issues, Technology Solutions’ online lead generation, traffic, and engagement were below the company’s expectations. The team explored solutions and decided to collaborate with a digital marketing partner to address the challenges and boost inbound leads.


At the heart of LeftLeads approach was the consistent generation of engaging content. LeftLeads regularly produced captivating blog posts to retain our audience’s attention. Alongside this, the social media strategy was built around maintaining active profiles across all major platforms, ensuring that the brand remained in the limelight.

To foster deeper connections with clientele, LeftLeads dispatched monthly newsletters, offering updates and insights that kept them informed and involved. Recognizing the importance of a user-centric digital presence, we overhauled the website, enhancing its usability, and optimized it for better search engine performance. LeftLeads implemented a backlink strategy to bolster the site’s authority, sourcing high-quality links from esteemed IT domains.

Plan Breakdown:

  1. Website Overhaul: Adopted a user-friendly design and added pages targeting commonly searched queries related to their services.
  2. Local SEO: Ensured that locals searching for their services found them at the top.
  3. Targeted Content: Created content answering potential clients’ queries and pain points.
  4. Strategic Link Building: Prioritized getting links from credible IT websites, enhancing their online reputation.
  5. Engaging Online Presence: Maintained a dynamic online presence with frequent updates, helpful articles, and responsive social media interactions.


Keyword Distribution Over Time for Technology Solutions
Technology Solutions Keyword Distribution Over Time

The strategic efforts generated remarkable results for Technology Solutions:

  1. Explosive Lead Growth: Lead generation on their website witnessed a tremendous boost, skyrocketing by 24 times the original numbers.
  2. Dramatic Google Visibility: The visibility on Google’s first page rose phenomenally. They achieved an 18-fold increase from their initial presence, making them a force to reckon with in search results.
  3. Commanding Keyword Presence: Over 108 of their targeted keywords clinched spots on Google’s first page, ensuring a broadened reach and enhanced visibility.
  4. Prime Positioning: Out of these keywords, an impressive tally of 28 secured positions within the coveted top 3 results on Google, reinforcing their authority and prominence in the industry.

These results transformed Technology Solutions’ digital standing, placing them firmly at the forefront of their target audience’s search journey.


In an 18-month timespan, LeftLeads and Technology Solutions co-authored a digital success story. From being a local favourite to establishing a robust online identity, Technology Solutions is a testament to what vision, paired with the right partnership, can achieve.


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