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7 ways to improve your MSP marketing

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New businesses are created every day and each one promises that its products and services are the best. Within the information technology sector, this makes it challenging for managed service providers (MSPs) to stand out from the rest of their peers.

 Regardless of previous customer experiences or how successful your online marketing has been, it is important to remember that the most effective strategies continuously develop to meet present and future expectations. While the idea of improving your MSP’s marketing may seem daunting, there are seven ways it can be done. 

Optimise your website

Websites and their landing pages are accessible at any time and can often be the first point of contact between your MSP and a prospective customer.

Your website needs to be able to do the following:

The most effective way to achieve an optimised website is by following the rules of search engine optimisation (SEO). To put it simply, an SEO-friendly website contains content drawing from keyword research and follows a format that can be easily read by search engines. By optimising your website and updating it regularly, a sizeable section of your MSP marketing may never become obsolete.  

Foolproof your existing digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy refers to a company’s use of digital channels to increase awareness of its brand. Businesses need to acquire the latest platforms where necessary and overlook nothing. For example, if existing customers can interact with your MSP business face to face, your digital marketing strategy should include a Google Business Profile.

This is a profile that supplies key information on your business such as its purpose and contact details. By considering every angle and exploring new ways to reach customers, your MSP marketing may become more proactive and improve lead generation.

Don't underestimate social media

Nowadays, social media is king, and businesses cannot view it as a pain point. Researchers have found that there are 4.62 billion social media users globally, and the number is expected to grow. Consequently, no company should downplay the value of a healthy social media presence.

Any social media platforms adopted should be accessible and relevant to your target audience. Generally speaking, LinkedIn is excellent for marketing IT services since the platform supports professional exchanges. Regardless of the platforms you choose to implement into your MSP marketing, ensure your posts are tailored to your audience/platform for maximum engagement and are representative of your brand.

Reassess your sales methods

IT and technology can often intimidate people. Throwing niche jargon and statistics at potential customers can be off-putting and may work to repel them instead of drawing them in.

The best MSP marketing strategies separate marketing from the sales process. From the first interaction between your business and a possible client, you will need to plainly show how implementing your business into their model will be beneficial. If people do not understand your business or the advantages it can provide, your MSP may suffer.

Network and make connections

With the rise of the internet and social media, networking has become easier for businesses in all fields. MSPs who can effectively communicate with peers and prospective clients alike may gain access to more industry knowledge and a larger audience.

At the same time, networking has become more than just asking for email addresses or attending in-person events. MSP owners can widen their professional circle and legitimise their business by publishing guest posts on other sites or by making appearances on podcasts and other media. 

Besides connecting you with potential new audiences, it may even gain you backlinks for your website – a necessity for content marketing and SEO.

Use the latest analytics programs

Analytics programs monitor website traffic and peoples’ interactions with your business on other platforms. These programs can help business owners determine their website’s performance and marketing strategies at any given time.

Well-known analytics tools you may have heard of include:

By choosing the analytics software that is right for you and your MSP, you can gain a wealth of data that can be used to modify your marketing processes. In other words, you can protect your MSP from becoming irrelevant or appearing outdated. 

Hire an MSP marketing agency

Running an MSP can be difficult and, along with the added stress of marketing, it can be easy to fall behind the competition. An MSP marketing agency can approach your business with specialised knowledge and experience to revitalise your marketing strategy. 

While the idea of outsourcing an aspect of your business to another may be apprehensive for some, business owners who do this can gain more free time to focus on their clients, rather than spending energy on planning email marketing campaigns and other time-consuming tasks.

Digital marketing for IT companies cannot be anything less than exceptional. The marketing specialists at LeftLeads have assisted many MSPs in their journeys and are ready to improve your MSP marketing today. 


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