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5 must-haves for landing page content

The success of your MSP marketing strategy will depend on your ability to reach the right audiences with the right messages. Having a landing page is a powerful marketing tool, showcasing your MSP business and services but it is not enough just to get visitors to your website – your landing page content needs to work hard to convert the viewer into a customer. 

The average amount of time spent on a webpage is 54 seconds across all industries. Therefore it is vital for your landing page to wow visitors immediately and hold their attention. There is no one-size-fits-all method for ensuring visitors convert but you can certainly guide them in the right direction by including these must-have elements for your landing page content. 

What is a landing page?

A quick look at MSP websites shows that most offer very similar services. A landing page is a web page on your site that aims to keep visitors focused on a single call-to-action relevant to your advertising or marketing campaign, increasing conversion rates. 

Landing pages can serve a variety of sales and marketing objectives. For example, a downloadable resource is offered once users have given their contact information, or a sales page might direct the visitor to a specific service, such as managed IT services. Your landing page’s purpose will depend on your marketing campaign goals.

1. Unique selling proposition (USP)

Your unique selling proposition sets clear expectations for visitors and highlights why your MSP business can fulfil their needs and solve their pain points. A company’s unique selling point is about your one-of-a-kind brand promise to your customers. Visitors to your landing page should be able to quickly understand what differentiates your MSP business from the competition and describe the benefits your customers will receive in the clearest way possible. A clear USP gets to the point quickly before visitors move on, breaks down your service into its basic components, and emphasises the specific benefit customers will receive if they chose your business. 

Your USP should be found in three places:

The main headline

The importance of having a compelling headline should not be underestimated. It must immediately inform visitors what your company offers and reassure them that they are in the right place. Ideally, your headline should be short, snappy, and clear. 

Supporting headline

Your main headline can only impart so much information if it is to stay short, sharp and shiny. The easiest way to achieve that is to add a supporting headline, which can be used in two ways:

  • Directly extend the main headline, where it follows the main point as though finishing a sentence
  • Extend the message by adding an extra, persuasive layer of content to support the main headline statement. 

Closing statement

At the end of your landing page, use this final opportunity to emphasise the advantages of your service or offer. Your visitor wants that final reassurance before committing to live their happily-ever-after with you that they’ve made the right decision. 

2. Features and benefits

Your headline integrating the unique selling proposition gets your visitor’s attention, so it is important to provide more detail about the features and benefits of your MSP business and answer any questions they might have. 

When introducing features, the optimal way to frame them is to highlight the benefits they deliver:

  • Features describe what your service does
  • Benefits describe the value being provided

Ideally your landing page copy should describe the features of your MSP service and what potential clients can expect, but the focus should be heavily on the benefits your solution provides to customers—what’s in it for them. 

3. Imagery and media

What is visually on your landing page must tell a compelling story, as much as the words on the page. Media and visual imagery are an essential part of digital marketing; nowadays we are constantly bombarded with both. 

Use eye-catching images and media that break up content on the landing page and draw the visitor in more. Video content in particular is having a massive impact on landing page optimisation, with embedded video content increasing conversations by a huge 86%. Images and media to be included on your landing page should be appropriate for your target audience and reflect their interests (not yours!).  

4. Social proof

Today consumers are faced with so many choices when it comes to purchasing products and services and they look for social proof to make the right decision. In a marketing context, social proof is evidence that others have found value in a product or service. 

By including social proof on a landing page, you build a rapport with potential customers that engages their interest and keeps them on the page, leading them to take the action you want. By including your company’s online reputation on your landing page, you can help potential clients finish their research, reinforce they can trust your business to provide the solution to their problem, and move to the next stage, becoming customers. By reading about other people’s experiences, visitors can be directly impacted to convert into customers. 

There are several ways you can use social proof in your marketing to showcase satisfied customers to potential clients. It is one of the best marketing techniques to advertise the quality of your business and its products or services. 


Most people won’t even consider eating at a restaurant without checking on the online reviews first. When making an investment in time and money, whether it is buying a pair of shoes or engaging an IT service provider, consumers want social proof they are making a good decision.

Existing partners  

Social proof comes from all your connections, such as partnerships with well-known companies such as Microsoft. Demonstrate your connection with these companies to boost brand awareness and get people even more interested in your MSP service offerings. 

Supporting content

An excellent way to demonstrate your MSP is the best choice for potential customers is to showcase your satisfied customers by including case studies about their experience with your business. Select one or more clients that have had significant success with you and ask if they would be willing to be involved in a case study. Typically, a case study is a deep dive into how you and your client worked together successfully. 

Thought leadership

In the crowded MSP business space, it is vital to focus on offering content to build rapport with potential customers to engage their interest and establish your MSP’s authority in the area. Thought leadership is about delivering authentic content that offers your experience, insight, and passion with the goal of sharing your wisdom with others. This creates value, builds trust, and establishes your voice and your business as an expert to follow in the field and the go-to when they need expertise. 

5. Call to action (CTA)

The whole point of your landing page and all the essential components on it lead to this critical element – the call to action. There is no point in having search engines direct visitors to your page if they don’t have a way to take action and become your customer. 

The CTA and where it is placed and designed are critical considerations when creating a landing page. It should be linked back to your unique selling proposition, be compelling, persuasive and stand out so visitors are completely aware of what to do to get what they came for.

Many successful landing pages use bold and even clever CTAs that clearly tell the visitor what to do next – ‘Start my free trial’ or ‘Download now’ or even ‘Contact us’. 

Get all the must-haves for your landing page with LeftLeads

The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into customers. It is the place where all of your hard work finally pays off. The elements listed above are critical for online marketing and ensuring you have an effective and powerful landing page. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed about how to ensure your MSP services can stand out from the crowd, talk to the MSP marketing specialists at LeftLeads. Our team are experts in digital marketing services and content marketing – we understand IT businesses and know what it takes to attract new leads and improve your MSP business. Get in touch with the team at LeftLeads today and take your digital marketing strategy up to the next level. 


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